Fee: $40, lunch provided
Register by Wednesday, March 29

Keynote Presentation: Behavior Basics: Addressing Problem Behavior at Home
Brooke Burnett & Dr. Karen O’Connor

Strand 1 Topics
Social Communication Strategies for Emergent Language Learners
Dr. Jena Randolph
Preparing for Your Child’s Transition
Cortney Fish
Medications & Autism: What You Need to Know
Dr. Ben Black

Strand 2 Topics
Teaching Social Thinking
Dr. Karen O’Connor
Behavior & Biology: Autism & Sleep Solutions
Dr. Cy Nadler & Dr. Sarah Nyp
Addressing Selective Feeding and Eating Habits 
Dr. Lea Ann Lowery

Parent Panel: Addressing Grief, Guilt and How to Prioritize
Alicia Curran, Mary Anne Hammond, Hope McPheeters, Becky Gerdes


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