Real Life Experts on… Partnering in Supported-Decisionmaking during the School Years

January 23, 2017 - 2 minutes read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, we put together ideas and resources for using supported decision-making. In addition, our Real Life Experts share their perspectives on aspects of supported decision-making across the LifeCourse. Below, is an excerpt from the School Age column, written by one of our MOF2F Volunteers and peer mentors, Kimmy, a mom from the Eastern part of the state.

Prenatal & Infancy life stage iconAre you helping me learn how to say no or tell someone if I feel uncomfortable or am being abused?


PHOTO: Kimmy’s daughter helps her doll get a better view of the the fish in the aquarium.

I am always learning about my daughter and how she feels about different things, but I never really thought to ask her specific questions. Or maybe I didn’t ask too many questions because I felt I may plant ideas in my daughter’s head about how she “should” feel. As a parent in general we question how our children feel or if they are uncomfortable, but with disability it can be more challenging because our children are constantly placed in uncomfortable situations due to their medical issues.

She was recently selected for the Botox medical trial for bladder incontinence, and I was given a survey about how she feels about certain situations regarding her bladder problems. I decided to ask her the questions and I was surprised by her answers. After the survey, I learned that she struggles with people knowing that she doesn’t go to the bathroom like everyone else, that she feels sad a lot because she has to miss out on fun to go to the bathroom…

Photo: headshot of Kimmy, a MOF2F Real Life Expert

Herculaneum, MO
Kimmy is mom to Adrianna and a Missouri Family to Family Volunteer.


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