Real Life Experts on… Partnering in Supported-Decisionmaking at Transition Age

January 30, 2017 - 2 minutes read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, we put together ideas and resources for using supported decision-making. In addition, our Real Life Experts share their perspectives on aspects of supported decision-making across the LifeCourse.  Below, is an excerpt from the Transition column, written by Sharon, the mom of a teenager living in the KC area.

Transition life stage iconDoes my transition plan include learning how to “be my own person” so I won’t need a guardian for decision-making support or protection? ★

Drayden’s transition plan began with equipping him with communication and coping skills to be his own person functioning with varying levels of protection from his parents.  He learned to use his skills by continually having a seat at the table when discussing his transition plan. Every year he has used his skills enabling him to need less and less decision making support and protection. As he has gotten older and more confident in using his tools he has made some lasting friendships as he is now comfortable connecting with others. Drayden initiates, plans, and participates in social outings. Years ago, I’m not sure this was a possibility. Like most teenagers, my son is transitioning into independence. He is learning to drive, discussing employment opportunities, and college.

Kansas City, MO
Sharon is mom to a teenage son and a Missouri Family to Family stakeholder who lives in Kansas City, MO.

Read Sharon’s full column and check out what the other Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at

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