Real Life Experts on… Getting Around in the Community during Transition

August 1, 2016 - 1 minute read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, our Real Life Experts shared their perspectives across the LifeCourse on accessing a wide variety of supports to help them get around.  Below, is an excerpt from the Transition column, written by Shunta, a self-advocate living in the KC area.

Transition life stage iconAm I learning how to get around in my community (learning to drive, ride the bus, take a cab, etc.)?


Pictured: Shunta is driving in her car, with her wheelchair in the back seat behind her. In high school, I rode a full-size school bus with a wheelchair lift. I was the only one on the bus and was not part of the regular route. It got lonely with no one to talk to, but it wasn’t too long of a ride. I had to leave school before the other kids. I got to pick friends to ride with me, but I missed all of the after school chatting at the lockers and in the hallways. As a kid you want that interaction. You already feel segregated enough not being able to run around like everyone else.



Photo: Shunta, a MOF2F peer mentorShunta,
Kansas City, MO
Shunta is a Missouri Family to Family peer mentor who lives in Kansas City, MO. 



Read the full column and check out what the other Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at

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