Real Life Experts on… Getting Around in the Community during the Prenatal & Infancy stage

July 11, 2016 - 1 minute read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, we put together ideas and resources to get around in the community with the help of integrated supports. In this issue, our Real Life Experts shared their perspectives across the LifeCourse on accessing a wide variety of supports to help them get around. Below, is an excerpt from the Prenatal & Infancy column, written by Dale, a dad and Partners grad.

Prenatal & Infancy life stage iconDo I need assistive technology for myself or our vehicle so I can get out in the community and places
I need to go?

Photo: Dale helps Elizabeth fish at the park.As she gets older, we continue
adapting to Elizabeth’s transportation needs. We have learned a lot through our experiences in our local community and our travels that have helped us learn the best strategies for supporting her… It is important we all work together to give our children
as much independence through mobility
as possible and make the investment in new, second-hand, or donated equipment as available.

Photo: Dale, a MOF2F Real Life ExpertDale,
Kansas City, MO
Dale lives with his wife in Kansas City and is the father of three children. He is a Partners in Policymaking Graduate.
Read the full column and check out what the other Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at

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