Real Life Experts on… Getting Around in the Community during Early Childhood

July 18, 2016 - 1 minute read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, our Real Life Experts shared their perspectives across the LifeCourse on accessing a wide variety of supports to help them get around. Below, is an excerpt from the Early Childhood column, written by a mom from the Eastern part of the state.

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Am I able to get out and about to explore and learn about my community?


“One very important lesson I have learned is to go with the flow. It’s hard for us as parents to anticipate every possible scenario. It can get very stressful, and, at times, I feel it would be much easier to stay home. Then reality sets in. I want Adrianna to live a full life. This includes going to places in the community,
like the grocery store, zoo, and park.”

Photo: A girl sits with her back to the camera in a wheelchair. She has a pink tinkerbell backpack strapped to the wheelchair and her hair is up in two pigtail buns. She's looking at the giraffes in the zoo.
Photo: headshot of Kimmy, a MOF2F Real Life Expert

Herculaneum, MO
Kimmy is mom to Adrianna and a Missouri Family to Family Volunteer.


Read the full column and check out what the other Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at

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