Real Life Experts on… Fitness and Nutrition in Early Childhood

September 11, 2017 - 3 minutes read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, we put together ideas and resources for healthy living. Our Real Life Experts shared their perspectives on aspects of fitness and nutrition across the LifeCourse. Below, is an excerpt from the Early Childhood column, written by MOF2F Family Leader, Sarah McKee.

Sarah shared with us how she was able to get her daughter involved in fitness activities open to all children and families to continue her development after transitioning out of First Steps, instead of relying solely on formal therapy and services.

Early Childhood life stage iconAre you taking me to activities such as baby yoga, Mommy and Me classes, etc?


Photo: Sarah’s daughter with another child at playtime at Mommy and Me | Real Life Experts mofamilytofamily.orgMy husband and I discussed the importance of her being involved in activities to ensure she was continuing to build on her newly acquired skills, as well as learn new skills. Mollie needed opportunities to socialize (in a non-academic atmosphere), work on fine and gross motor skills, and stay active while having fun, and not just in the form of traditional therapies. After exploring our community, we discovered that there are many community resources and activities widely available in lieu of formal therapy. For example, the YMCA offers toddler yoga, tumble time, gymnastics, sports, and more. There are also many free ways to get your child active, like going to the park.

We chose to participate in a Mommy and Me group. We found that if we (as her parents) stay active and involved, she is more apt to join in on the fun and interact during the activity. We learned this early on as we saw how both of our children would watch us and quickly join in activities we were doing. Our family has had so much fun interacting with each other, and at the same time, the kids take away valuable skills and experiences on which they can build.

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Photo: Sarah, a MOF2F Real Life ExpertSarah,
Lake Ozark, MO
Sara is a wife and mother of two from the Ozarks area. She owns and operates My Playhouse Indoor Play Café in Osage Beach.


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