Real Life Experts on… Fitness and Nutrition during the School Years

September 18, 2017 - 1 minute read

In the latest issue of Partnering Together, we put together ideas and resources for healthy living. Our Real Life Experts shared their perspectives on aspects of fitness and nutrition across the LifeCourse.

Below, is an excerpt from the School age column, written by MO2F Family Leader and former staff, Susan Bird. Susan shared common frustrations all families feel while teaching and supporting all members to be active and eat right, and how she is helping her daughter learn what is good and bad for her health.

Photo: Pictured: Real Life Expert's daughter, Elizabeth, on her adapted bicycle.

School Age life stage iconDo I know what is good (food, sleep, exercise) and bad (drugs, smoking) for my body? ★


…our family enjoys a very active and social lifestyle. We regularly participate in peer groups, advocacy organizations and church. We work hard to develop social networks and encourage each other, our friends, and family. We’re involved in many community activities and take advantage of walking trails, bike trails, and neighborhood swimming pools. Despite all of this, our family has always struggled with fitness and nutrition.

Read Susan’s full column to get the full picture and check out what the other Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at


Photo: Real Life Expert, Susan Susan,
Kansas City, MO
Susan is mom to Elizabeth and a Missouri Family to Family Volunteer.

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