PT 4.4 Roundup: Real Life Experts on Partnering in Supported Decision-making

February 20, 2017 - 1 minute read

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Each issue of Partnering Together features Real Life Experts who provide their perspectives on the various life domains and topics that we all face.  This issue, the columnists wrote about their experiences with practicing supported decision-making. Here are the questions that the experts answered in the latest issue (4.4) of Partnering Together:

Early Childhood
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School Age
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Are you considering my safety and protection without making me
overly dependent or taking away my right to be self-determined?
Are you helping me learn how to say no or
tell someone if I feel uncomfortable or am being abused?
Does my transition plan include learning how to “be my own person” so I won’t need a guardian for decision-making support or protection? ★ Who is partnering with me with in supported decision-making? Is Supported Decision-making or are other alternatives to
guardianship in place to protect my rights as I age?

Read the full columns and check out what the Real Life Experts had to say in our latest issue at

Want to be a Real Life Expert in an upcoming issue? Stories like yours help provide families with hope and a positive outlook for the future when it comes to raising a child with disabilities or special health care needs. Contact us to sign up!

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