Partnering Together 4.5 Preview

May 24, 2017 - 2 minutes read

We hope that you enjoyed our latest issue of Partnering Together (4.4): Partnering in Supported Decisionmaking.

Healthy Living LifeCourse icon

The life domain (from the LifeCourse framework) we will be focusing on next issue of Partnering Together (4.5) is Healthy Living. 

For issue 4.5 of Partnering Together, we will be focusing in on fitness and nutrition.  We’ll explore topics like:

  • going beyond treating illness and injury for a healthy life,
  • using technology to help you exercise and track your diet and activity,
  • integrated options for staying healthy, like cooking classes, community centers, workout partners, and adapted sports

PT 4.5 will also feature columns from Real Life Experts. Each issue of Partnering Together features Real Life Experts who provide their perspectives on the various life domains and topics that we all face. Here are the questions from the Charting the LifeCourse: Experiences and Questions booklet that the experts will be answering.

Prenatal & Infancy
Prenatal & Infancy life stage icon
Early Childhood
Early Childhood life stage icon
School Age
School Age icon
Icon: Transition
Adulthood icon

Aging icon

Are you taking me to activities such as baby yoga, Mommy and Me classes, etc? Are you teaching me about healthy,  nutritious food and how my body works?  ★ Do I know what is good (food, sleep, exercise) and bad (drugs, smoking) for my body? ★



Can some of my therapies be replaced with regular physical activities such as working out in a gym, using a treadmill or elliptical, or doing aerobics? Am I eating healthy meals and snacks and staying physically active?   ★



Am I staying as physically active as possible?   ★



Look for the next issue of Partnering Together to be released soon!

Past issues of Partnering Together are available in our Archives.

Want to be a Real Life Expert in an upcoming issue? Stories like yours help provide families with hope and a positive outlook for the future when it comes to raising a child with disabilities or special health care needs. Contact us to sign up!

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