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LifeCourse Materials


All of our official LifeCourse materials are currently free to download and print on your own.

LifeCourse Tools may be downloaded at


LifeCourse Tools | Missouri Family to F

You may order quantities of LifeCourse materials, as well as the F2F Network Folder and other promotional materials.

To request materials, you may fill out an order and then F2F staff will follow up with you regarding the specifics of your order and billing or you may contact us directly at (800) 779-8652 or

Please note: Our materials are free to individuals and families in Missouri. If you are outside of Missouri, please contact us for pricing. We also ask that organizations ordering quantities of materials work with us to coordinate delivery of my materials to help us save on shipping costs.


Your organization may wish to develop LifeCourse materials and promotional products that fits with your own branding and formatting guidelines.

Developing materials is a process that MOF2F has refined over the course of a decade. From start to finish, there is a lot of work to do to come up with a finish product that is both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing (and uses the principles of universal design and usability).


How MOF2F works with Organizations to Develop Products

  1. MOF2F staff works with your organization to identify the purpose, audiences, and messages in your product(s).
  2. Your organization develops the content for the product.
  3. MOF2F staff creates a visual design for the project based on creative conversations held before design begins.
  4. Your organization reviews the product(s) for grammatical and content errors and any changes visually are made.
  5. Once the final product is approved,
    1. your organization may receive the print-ready product, or
    2. F2F can support your organization to identify and work with a printer.

Considerations for your Organization

Things to consider in the creation of materials and products include:

• Staff capacity and knowledge
• Usability and accessibility
• Budget for printing
• Dissemination planning and tracking
• Storage space

Depending on how comfortable your organization is with the practice of creating professional print products, we can support you through the process. Some organizations may only want the template and guidelines and wish to develop the product themselves, others may just want to assemble all of the content for the product and let someone else handle the design.

Organizations may choose to purchase the template files for the product(s) they wish to develop. They may then develop the folder in-house. If an organization needs support in developing personalized product(s), they may request technical assistance from MOF2F to create a finished product.

We can work with your organization based on your needs, capacity, and audiences. Please contact us at (800) 779-8652 or for more information on customizing LifeCourse materials and products for your organization.

LifeCourse Materials

Strategies for the Good Life Resource Folder
7th Edition

Graphic: Screenshot of Cover of F2F Network Folder

Charting the LifeCourse: Experiences & Questions Booklet

Graphic: Screenshot of Charting the LifeCourse Experiences and Questions booklet

Charting the LifeCourse: Daily Life & Employment Guide

Graphic: Screenshot of Charting the LifeCourse Employment Guide

Charting the LifeCourse: Focus on Transition

Graphic: Screenshot of Cover of Charting the LifeCourse Transition 4pager

Charting the LifeCourse: Focus on Aging

Graphic: Screenshot of Aging 4-pager

LifeCourse Tools

The materials below may be ordered at cost or customized based on your needs.  To order or customize the tools, contact us by calling (800) 779-8652 or by emailing

LifeCourse Tools Worksheets

Tools for having conversations with individuals and families about a vision for a good life and how to achieve it. Download the tools at

Life Trajectory Worksheet
(Individual and Family Versions)

Graphic: Life Trajectory Worksheet

Tool for Developing a Vision
(Individual and Family Versions)

Graphic: Image of Tool for Developing a Vision, Individual and Family versions

Integrated Supports Star Worksheet

Graphic; Image of Integrated Services and Supports Star Worksheet

Integrated Long Term Support Needs Template and Instructions

View an example

Graphic: Image of front and back of Integrated Long Term Support Needs Schedule Template

Supplemental Materials

Materials to supplement, further understand, and generate ideas when using the LifeCourse Tools worksheets.

LifeCourse Infographic

Graphic: Image of front page of LifeCourse Infographic

Foundation of the LifeCourse Framework

Graphic: Screenshot of LifeCourse Principles document

Exploring Life Possibilities

Graphic: Screenshot of Exploring Life Possibilities handout

Integrated Support Options

Graphic: Image of Integrated Options Grid

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