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Screensihot: 7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Advocate for your Child at School webinar screen

7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Advocate for your Child at School

Watch this webinar to learn about your role and responsibilities as an advocate for your child, how to foster positive working relationships with members of your school team, and ways to build your confidence as your child’s advocate.

Screenshot: Page 2 of Well Checks sheet
What is a well check-up?  When should my child get a well check-up?  Find out with this one-page handout.
Graphic: Screenshot of Charting the LifeCourse Experiences and Questions booklet

Charting the LifeCourse: Experiences and Questions

This booklet helps individuals and families know the questions to ask and things to think about throughout the life course, in order to have the experiences that help lead to the good life that they envision. Most of the questions and life experiences in this booklet apply to anyone, whether they have a disability or not!

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