Aging and preparing for end of life (parent/family/individual)


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Graphic: Screenshot of Charting the LifeCourse Experiences and Questions booklet

Charting the LifeCourse: Experiences and Questions

This booklet helps individuals and families know the questions to ask and things to think about throughout the life course, in order to have the experiences that help lead to the good life that they envision. Most of the questions and life experiences in this booklet apply to anyone, whether they have a disability or not!

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Graphic: Screenshot of Aging 4-pager

Charting the LifeCourse: Focus on Aging 4-pager

This short four page guide can be given to aging individuals, caregivers, family members, and supporters to help them think about some of the questions to ask, options to consider, and conversations to have as they age. Choices and decisions aging individuals and their supporters make during this time can help to positively shape the future and the life they will live as they get older.

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Screenshot: Golden Years webinar screen

The Golden Years: Thinking about Aging & Retirement

Learn why it’s important to plan no matter your age or family situation, find out about a tool that will help you in planning for the future, and hear real life examples of how important your circle of support can be in planning for life transitions and aging.

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