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Having friends and personal connections in one’s life is key to having a happy and successful adult life.  Friends and connections that children make during early and school years – at school, in community activities such as scouting or sports, or in their faith community –  have an impact on their adult life. Those school or neighborhood friends may end up being future employers, neighbors, business owners, and most importantly, friends in adult life!

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

Find out why typical summer experiences are important for children and youth with special healthcare needs and/or disabilities, hear ways you can keep your children busy during the summer, learn about resources available to help families plan for inclusive recreation and meaningful summer experiences.

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The ABCs of Coping with the Holidays

The holiday season can be a crazy time. Watch this webinar to get real-world advice on how to deal with the chaos! Hear about the importance of planning ahead for stress-free activities, get ideas on how to manage holiday gatherings, and learn practical tips on coping with holiday surprises.

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