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It is important to find a balance between helping someone stay safe and enabling them to make their own choices and decisions, and even learn from making occasional mistakes! You don’t want to give a person so much support and protection that they are unable to have any control of their own life. There are many skills that can be learned and practiced by children and adults that will assist them in being safe, secure and supported while being as self-determined as possible.

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Preparedness Begins with You

Learn about disasters you need to be prepared for in Missouri, find out how to build and maintain an emergency plan and kit, and get connected to resources to help you learn more about emergency preparedness.

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MO Guardianship: Understanding Your Options & Alternatives

  • Have you gotten “the letter” from your child’s school saying you should file for guardianship?
  • Has someone suggested you should pursue guardianship for your loved one? Do you work with individuals or families who may be considering these issues?
  • Are you a teacher or other school staff that work with students who are in the special education transition process?
  • Are you a person who has a guardian? Did you know there might be options you’re not aware of that would work for your situation and help you regain some of your rights?This webinar will help you explore the options and alternatives to guardianship in our state.
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Questions about guardianship? Access the manual, training materials and more at banner

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Partnering with Your Local EMS Professionals to Support Your Family

This training is for families with children or youth with special healthcare needs and/or developmental disabilities.Find out how you can work with your local EMS providers to make sure your family’s needs are understood if an emergency situation occurs and how you can make a plan for your family so you can be ready!

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Connect with our Family Information Specialists to get the information you need about emergencies, health and safety, guardianship options, legal rights and issues and more

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