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Living a healthy lifestyle and learning healthy habits begins early and continues throughout the life course.  Health and wellness is very important because it can positively or negatively affect other parts of a person’s life, such as their ability to go to school or work, live as independently as possible, go places and participate in the community, and associate with family and friends!  As children begin to transition to adult life, they begin to start taking control of their own health care to the best of their ability. This may mean making healthy choices in what to eat or exercise.  It might also mean taking control of or more actively participating in medications, doctor’s visits, and other health care decisions.

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Partnering with Your Local EMS Professionals to Support Your Family

This training is for families with children or youth with special healthcare needs and/or developmental disabilities.Find out how you can work with your local EMS providers to make sure your family’s needs are understood if an emergency situation occurs and how you can make a plan for your family so you can be ready!

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Surviving the Transition to Adult Medical Care

The purpose of this training is to teach youth and families about medical transition and how to plan for the future. Medical transition is important because health affects everything: employment, housing, school, community living and more!

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Understanding Health Reform

Get the basics of the Affordable Care Act, learn how the Affordable Care Act benefits people with disabilities, and understand how you and your family benefit from the Affordable Care Act.

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Information packets

Basic information about medical diagnoses.  Each packet contains an overview, smart practices, personal stories, and links to supports and services that can help.

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What are Well Checks? One-page Infosheet

This one-page handout explains what Well Checks are, how often children should have them, and includes a visual developmental milestones graphic.

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Connect with our Family Information Specialists to find resources to help you navigate health coverage and financing, specific healthcare services and providers, types of therapy and more

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