Building valued roles, making choices, setting goals, assuming responsibility and driving how one’s own life is lived.

Citizenship & Advocacy


Being known and valued in one’s community gives a person a sense of worth and of being a contributor and a good citizen, not just someone who needs assistance. Learning to make choices, set goals, and knowing how to speak up for wants and needs leads to being more self-determined in life and essential to becoming an advocate for yourself or others.

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Screenshot: Self-Advocacy Not Just a Buzz Word webinar

Self-Advocacy: Not Just a Buzz Word

Find out why important to have people with disabilities to have self-determination and self-advocacy skills, hear about the civil rights movement for people with developmental disabilities, and learn how to get connected to the movement.

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Screenshot: Moving Along the Timeline webinar

Moving Along the Timeline: Past, Present & Future of Disability

Learn about the evolution of perceptions of people with disabilities, understand how the parent and self advocacy movements play a role in shaping disability policy and services, and hear about the current state of services and supports for people with disabilities and their families.

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Screenshot: Learning about Leadership webinar

Learning about Family Leadership: Leading to help other families and change systems

Learn about family leadership, hear the the different ways someone can serve as a family leader, and discover how you can become a family leader or improve your leadership skills.

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